This is an old classic game where you need to find the bag that is full of fake money.
You have ten bags, each containing ten coins.
An authentic coin weighs X grams. A fake coin weighs Z grams.
You have a scale which you may use only once.
If you click on a Down arrow, a coin will fall onto the scale.
The numbers on the top of each bag will show you how many coins from the bag you have put on the scale.
If you mistakenly put more coins then you want on the scale, click on an Up arrow and it will decrease the number of coins that you have placed on the scale by a number of one.
You may use all the coins from the bags in any combination you want.
 After you finish with putting the coins on the scale, you can push the red button which will trigger the scale and show you how much the coins you selected weigh.  After this, you can click on the question box which you think connected to the bag with fake coins to see the result.

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